Ongropack Ltd.

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    Ongropack Ltd.

    Bolyai tér 1

    +36 48 510130

    Our company is manufacturer of PVC products. SHEET BUSINESS UNIT Ongropack started sheet production in 1996. By today we have become a leading sheet producer in Central and Eastern Europe owing to the more than 30 years professional experience. In 2010 we established a separate business unit dedicated to sheet products to increase efficiency in manufacturing and sale, as well. Our free foamed and solid sheets are marketed under the brand names Ongrofoam and Ongrodur. Ongrodur was developed for construction and industry and is widely used for several applications from making containers to manufacturing doors or sandwich panels. Ongrofoam is a favourit of the advertising industry owing to its easy use, fine structure matt surface and easy printing. FILM BUSINESS UNIT Film Business unit offers extensive packaging solutions from household use to pharmaceutical industrial applications. Our stretch and rigid films are marketed under the brand name Ongrofol. Half of the rigid film volume is sold to pharmaceutical industry. However, food industry and technical use are considered similarly important for us. The business unit is committed to manufacture in accordance with the companies intentions of environmental protection and sustainability. When developing the products single customer demands are taken into consideration. At present stretch film is the most dinamically developing product line of the company. Our goal is to double the capacity in the coming years. Industrial, Jumbo and Converted films are available in food grade X2, X3 and without DOA.



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